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Are you interested in organising and planning events? Do you want to get to know students from other disciplines and network with partners? Are you interested in promoting student interests and welfare? Do you want more than just boring courses and exams? Don’t hesitate any longer, apply to join next year’s PIRATE board!

PIRATE’s Board consists of up to 14 people, including the chairperson, vice chairperson and 3 to 12 board members. Each board member has his or her own responsibilities within the board, but no one has to do everything alone. The current board members and their responsibilities can be found here.

The new board is elected annually by a vote at the autumn meeting, usually in October. All full members of PIRATE can stand for election. The term of office of the Board is one year, from the beginning of January to the end of December.

Board activities take some time, but they also give back many times over in the form of experiences and lasting friendships.

Being on the board takes some time, but it also gives back a lot in terms of experiences and lasting friendships.

What do i get from being on the board?

  • Learn new skills and develop yourself
  • Affect on making a difference
  • Experience is an advantage when looking for a job
  • Meet great people and make new friendships
  • Network between different parties
  • Gain credits towards your degree (depending on your study plan)
  • Gain new experiences

What do i need to be on the board?

  • Genuine enthusiasm and interest
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • A desire to learn and make a difference
  • Flexibility and time

No previous experience in an organisation or board is required. You will be supported by previous board members and a good induction. You will learn everything you need to know during your time on the board!

Meetings and the rights of participants

PIRATE’s actions are mainly guided by regular meetings. The law on associations and the association’s statutes determine the dates and content of certain meetings, such as the spring and autumn meetings, which are always open to members.

In addition to these, extraordinary meetings are held when necessary, which are also open regular meetings. Before regular meetings, we post the agenda of the meeting on our notice board in the D1 lobby on the main TAMK campus. The PIRATE Board, elected at the September meeting, will be organised for the coming year at the organisational meeting.

The internal board meetings are the most relevant for ongoing operations, as they are where decisions are made on day-to-day actions. During the summer, a summer board meeting is held, which is a larger board meeting to review the coming autumn.

PIRATE members, supporting members and board alumnis are therefore welcome to all regular meetings and open meetings!


At the beginning of the meeting, participants are granted different rights regarding the technical procedures of the meeting. These rights may include the right to attend, speak and vote. These rights affect the extent to which the participant can influence the decision-making process in the meeting.

The full members of PIRATE have the right to be present, speak, vote and initiate. Sustaining members have (the right to be present and speak) and alumni members (the right to be present). If necessary, additional rights may be added, for example to persons specifically invited.

Right to be present

The right to be present and to follow the proceedings of the meeting. No right to speak or vote unless specifically granted. Attendance allows you to follow the meeting, but not to influence decisions.

Right to speak

The right to take part in a debate and to speak. Includes the right to be present. The right to speak gives you the opportunity to influence the opinions of others and thus the decision-making process.

Right to vote

The right to make decisions at meetings, votes and elections. Includes the right to be present and speak. Allows you to directly influence decisions by voting and casting your vote in person.

Right to initiate

The right to initiate a proposal to be discussed at a regular meeting of the association. Initiatives must be sent to the board, who will place them on the agenda of the meeting, which will be published 14 days before the meeting.


Open meeting of the association:

  • Spring meeting
  • Autumn meeting
  • Additional meeting

Internal board meetings:

  • Board meetings
  • Summer meeting
  • Organisational meeting

Spring meeting

All PIRATE members, sustaining and alumni members are welcome to the spring meeting. At the spring meeting, the report of the audit of the previous year’s activities and the financial statements will be discussed and the discharge of the previous year’s board members will be granted. In addition, any changes to the ruless or other important matters concerning the members and the activities of the association are discussed. The Spring Meeting is often held towards the end of March. If you are interested in the activities of the association and would like to make a difference, you are warmly welcome to attend the meeting.

Autumn meeting

As with the spring meeting, all PIRATE members, sustaining and alumni members are welcome to attend the autumn meeting. The autumn meeting presents the action plan and budget for the coming year and elects the board officers for the following year, who are elected on the spot by closed ballot. The meeting will also consider any changes to the rules or other important matters concerning members and the activities of the association. The autumn meeting is often held in October. This meeting is important if you want to run for the PIRATE ry´s board or if you, as a member, want to have a say in the future composition of the board. If you are interested in the activities and want to have an influence on the association’s activities, you are warmly welcome to attend the meeting.

Additional meeting (will be organised if necessary)

Additional meetings may be necessary if the purpose is to make changes to the rules, complete the composition of the board or make other major decisions affecting the association. Additional meetings, like the spring and autumn meetings, are open to PIRATE members, sustaining and alumni members. The date can be at any time during the year, often before or after the spring or autumn meeting.

Board meeting

Board meetings are meetings that guide the day-to-day activities of the board, where the board makes decisions on issues such as budgeting, member services, advocacy, events and marketing. Board meetings are also a time for exchanging personal news. Meetings are often held every 2 weeks, more or less often if necessary. There are often more than 20 meetings a year.
Some times, board meetings may be open to PIRATE members, sustaining and alumni members. Open meetings are a good opportunity to get to know the board and its meeting practices. Often, one open board meeting is organised before the autumn meeting in connection with a recruitment evening.

Oraganisational meeting

The PIRATE ry´s board, selected at the autumn meeting, will be organised for the coming year at an organisational meeting. At this meeting, the responsibilities of the board members, or more commonly known as “jobs”, are chosen for the coming year. However, the chairperson and vice-chairperson are elected by closed ballot at the autumn meeting. The meeting will also discuss the common rules for the coming year. The date is often in November.

Summer meeting

The summer meeting is held in the middle of the board´s term of office . At the summer meeting, the board plans the schedule, activities and finances for the coming autumn. The meeting will also include activities to bring the board together. The summer meeting is held in the summer months, often in June or July.

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