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Sauna and ice swimming

PIRATE, TTO & TIRO will participate in the Winter sports week organized by Tolu ry, TUrVoKe and Akateeminen mahti, offering all students of Tampere University community a sauna experience.

The event will be held in Rauhaniemi on Monday 12th of February at 11.00-14.00. Bring your swimsuit + towel and come take a sauna. You can also go for a refreshing ice swim.

What? Winter sports week! Sauna + ice swimming
Where? Rauhaniemi folk spa
When? On Monday 12.2. at 11.00-14.00
How much? FREE for all members of the Tampere University community.
What will you need with you? Towel, swimsuit, flipflops and water bottle15:05

Office hours

The next office day is held on Tuesday 23.1. from 11 to 14.🩷

So come to get your products you have ordered from PIRATE, buy products on sale or just come to say hello! The office day is held at our office, the address is Kuntokatu 3, L-building. If you can’t come, your friend can pick up your products. If so, you have to send your products to your friends See you on Tuesday!😍

NOTE‼️ Products that have been ordered during or before the year 2022 can still be picked up for the next three office hours. After that the products can not be redeemed.

Pikkulaskiainen 2024

The Pikkulaskiainen is coming again and PIRATE ry is joining the party!

The 2024 Pikkulaskiainen will be held in Turku on 29.2.2024 and this year the theme is Cool for the summer.

PIRATE ry has acquired tickets for our members to the event, yeehaw!

This student event gathers students from all over Finland to enjoy snowy Turku. The event, which has been sold out several years, includes a hill event, an appro tour and after parties, which are starred by top artists! The tickets bought from PIRATE ry have an after party in Forte.

Tickets will be sold on 19.1. at 10 o’clock, in front of the foyer. The sale will end at 12 o’clock. Tickets cost 31€ and only PIRATE ry’s members can buy them. Memberships will be checked. Purchase limit 1 ticket/person. Be there on time because there is only a limited number of tickets.

 PIRATE ry is not responsible for lost or broken products after the ticket sale.

You can find more information about the event on the Pikkulaskiainen’s website and social media.


 WHAT? Finland’s coolest student event Pikkulaskiainen

 WHERE? In Turku

 WHEN? 29.2.2024

 FOR WHOM? For PIRATE ry members


The traditional Lumirieha is held on 15.1.2024! This event is for new health care students who started in spring 2024!

The Lumirieha is on Monday 15.1.2024 at TAMK starting at 17.00. You will go round different checkpoints with your team and carry on different activities. Please note that there are checkpoints both indoors and outdoors

So put up a team of 2-5 persons and sign up for the event on! You can sign up from now until 12.1. at 11.55 pm. There is a limited amount of team slots so sign up quickly! Only one person needs to sign up the whole team.

Dress up with your team in matching outfits. Best placed and dressed teams will be rewarded with awesome prizes. So be creative!

The event is free and non-alcoholic.

An info message will be sent to the team captain’s email before the event

WHAT? The traditional PIRATE ry’s Lumirieha


WHEN? On Monday 15.1.2024 starting at 17.00

HOW? You can sign up in until 12.1.

Regular sport shifts continue

We have super good news for you! 

PIRATE ry has regular sport shifts on Wednesdays. The shift is free for SportUni members, otherwise it costs 7€/shift. As a PIRATE member you are very welcome to join these events and you don’t have to have experience from any sports.🩷

The events are open in where you can sign up weekly! 

The first shift of the spring is Wednesday 10.1.2024 and we are playing volleyball.🏐 You can sign up in on Monday 8.1.2024.

📆 On Wednesdays 

⏰ At 19-20 

📍 TAMK SportUni, Kauppi (Tekunkatu 5 L-rakennus) 

🎟 Free for SportUni members OR 7€/shift! You can sign in to our sport shift in! 

⚽ Wishes for sport activities will be heard! 

👟 Bring gym shoes and a waterbottle with you! 

All of PIRATE’s events and operation is harassment free. This means that we don’t accept harassment in any form. 

See you on Wednesdays!😍

kyykkä qualifiers

MM-kyykkä is coming, so…

TTO and PIRATE are organizing kyykkä qualifiers for their members on January 28th! The top teams will be rewarded with team tickets to the Academic Kyykkä World Championship on February 10, 2024

After the games, those interested can head to Solu sauna to warm up and discuss the results. Take your sauna supplies with you.

TTO and PIRATE offer the most successful team a spot in the tournament and afterparty tickets. Assemble a four-person team and join the winter’s best sport! Everyone is welcome to watch and cheer, even if not playing!

The event is free, and players can enjoy sausages and mint hot chocolate. Qualifiers will be held at Hakametsä field. Registration is free and starts on on January 4th, 2024, at 12:00.

Please register in your own student organization’s group!

Provide your team’s name and the names of the four team members.

All team members must belong to the same student organization (memberships will be checked).

The event is harassment-free, and any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated. Trained harassment contact persons will be present at the event.

WHAT? TTO & PIRATE: Kyykkä World Championship Qualifiers
WHERE? Hakametsä Field
WHEN? January 28, 2024, at 13:00
HOW? Team spots on from January 4, 2024, at 12:00

Overall fittings

It’s time for student overall fittings!

You can come try on the overalls this week on Wednesday 3.1. and Thursday 4.1. from 14:00 to 17:00. The fittings are held in front of the foyer. Read the instructions carefully and remember to order in time. The ordering forms open on 3.1. at 14 o’clock and close on 12.1. at 18 o’clock

 Also remember to order name tags and, if you want, a PIRATE ry sweatshirt (they are an excellent choice with the overalls). We highly recommend buying the PIRATE ry membership at the same time, as you will get the overalls for cheaper and you will be supporting us!

Notice that the products you order can’t be returned or changed as they are made from order. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us!

See you at the fittings!

SOPU X PIRATE movie night

Do you want to spend a chill evening with fellow students? Do you have a pile of badges from student events waiting for a sew?

PIRATE and SOPU will organize a movie night at 12.12. starting 5 pm!

Come spend a chill night with us! You can bring the overalls badges you’ve collected from the fall and fix your overalls while watching the movie. We tune into the Christmas atmosphere by watching a Christmas movie, go and vote which movie is chosen at PIRATE’s Instagram story!

Ps. There will be snacks sponsored by Tehy.

WHAT: Movie night!

WHEN: 12.12. Starting at 5pm


WHAT CHRISTMAS MOVIE? Vote for your favorite at PIRATE’s Instagram story

Educational affairs’ announcements

PIRATE ry’s coffee meeting

PIRATE ry organized coffee meeting with TAMK’s degree supervisors and study counselors from different heath degree programs. The following themes came up in our discussion:

  • Collegiality and supporting it during studies
  • Sufficient internship places for students
  • Student quidance
    • Investing in guidance competence, so that graduating students have the ability to guide other students in their future careers.
  • Ideated study visits to Pirha’s units
  • We discussed school bullying and harassment during the lessons, as well as how to better address it.

Educational affairs 2023

  • PIRATE ry has participated in the development of the new curriculum
  • Together with student representatives, the school and Pirha’s staff, we have innovated new ways to implement guided internships
  • PIRATE ry has contacted the regional director and the director of social and health services of the Pirha regarding practical training. We will have a meeting with representatives from Pirha in December 2023. In our contact, we expressed concern about the adequacy of practical training spots, as the number of students left without an practical training spots is increasing. The purpose of the meeting would be to collectively brainstorm solutions.

Contact information:

If you have any questions about education, its quality, or if you want to report any inappropriate treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us, even with the smallest concern!

  • The entire board:
  • Educational affairs:
  • Social affairs: