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Academic donating world championship 2023

PIRATE ry has placed second in academic donating world championship 2023 (heavy weight) by 70 donations. We also earned honorable mention.

We’d like to say thank you to @veripalvelu @veripalvelu_tampere @tarakioffical and for organizing this contest. We also want to say thank you to all the other groups for participating.

Especially we would like to thank every single one who donated blood in the name of PIRATE. We also encourage everyone to donate after this contest because 800 donors is needed everyday in Finland.


The last office day of the spring

The last office day of the spring is held on Monday 15.5. from 11 to 14! So come to get your products you have ordered from PIRATE or just come to say hello. After this day our office won’t be open until next autumn. The address is Kuntokatu 3, L-building. See you at the office!

NOTICE! This is the last chance to pick up your tickets for the Ice Hockey World Championships, bought from PIRATE.

American football sports trial

Everyone knows that the best way to start the summer is with sport!!! Now would be a great opportunity to try a new sport or get back to an old favorite.

TIRO, TTO and PIRATE are organizing a American football sports trial. The games are open to anyone who wants to join, and you can come alone or in a group.

The price for the whole thing is only 5 € and you will get guidance from professionals in the form of The Tampere Saints, fun company and an interesting day.

Ticket sale on Kide.App. All you need is sportswear, a water bottle and of course good spirits and enthusiasm! The venue is the Koivistonkylä field, and the game will take place on Tuesday 23.5. between 18:30 and 20:00. Please arrive in good time to get the game started as scheduled! Link on

Summer sports

Hello all sport enthusiasts!

TTO and PIRATE are launching our own weekly sports group. The weekly session will be held in SportUni spaces every wednesday at 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The purpose is to offer different excercise and sports opportunities for our members.

The different sports will be choosed depending on the number of participants, however we are focusing more on fun group games like floorball, indoor football, badminton, etc.

Free tickets to the sessions will be given out on always on mondays. The session itself is free of charge if you are a SportUni member. But if you are not a member it will be 6 €/per session.

Possible changes will be informed on TTO and PIRATE Instagram story.

Get those sneakers out of the closet and put your headbands on!The sports group is only for TTO and PIRATE members.

Eurovision semifinal

Come watch Eurovision Song Contest 1st semifinal with us to Passion at 9.5. from 20.30!

The semifinal starts at 22pm but we will tune into the competition atmosphere with a little Eurovision quiz, starting at 21 pm. In the 1st semifinal will compete Finland, Sweden, Norway and Irland etc.

Secure your place with free ticket form Kide.App! The event is for everyone.

Put your overalls on and come cheer Käärijä with us!

PIRATE’s events are always harassment free. If you experience harassment, we have our own harassment contact, who you can talk to. Mila ( ) and Riku ( )

WHAT: We will watch Eurovision Song Contest!
WHERE: At Bar Passion!
WHEN: 9.5. from 20.30 pm
WHY: Because Cha Cha Cha!

PIRATE ry´s scholarship application

Once again, it´s time to hand out scholarships and congratulate you on graduation! 

Have you been successful in your studies, participated actively in tutoring or student association activities or maybe increased the team spirit of the healthcare students? Or do you know someone whos done so? 

Now you can apply for PIRATEs scholarship for yourself and/or your friend!  

All spring 2023 graduates who are PIRATEs actual members and have paid the membership on your graduation time or if you graduate in the middle of the semester, you can apply on the next application period.

Unfortunately, we do not accept scholarship applications that are significantly overdue. 
Please explain in detail why you/they deserve the scholarship. 

Well be in touch with the scholarship recipients within two months after the application period if the scholarship typo is granted.  
Applying is meant to 2023 spring semester graduates. 

Application period is until 14.5.2023.

Link to the application form.

PIRATE active members group

Do you want to be a part of our energetic activity? Have you longed for more communal activities in your student life? We have a solution for you! PIRATE ry´s active members group. 

Active members group is a low threshold activity, with no bigger responsibilities. You get to help PIRATE ry´s board in events and orientation weeks for example. We also sometimes just need a few extra pairs of hands.  Being an active member doesn´t mean you have to be available at all times, you can come help us when it best fits your schedule.

But we do expect our active members to be a part of our activities and we reward active members with event tickets and overall patches to give a few examples. Active members group is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. You also get to “peek behind the curtain” of what it´s like to be a part of PIRATE ry´s board. 

Active members group season starts in August 2023 and ends in December 2023. Active members will get an orientation before the season (preferably in May). 

The application period is from 19.4. to 26.4.2023. Interviews will be conducted also during the application period. We will contact you about the selections via email in May. 

Filling out the application form doesn´t take much time, so apply as soon as possible through this link.


PIRATE ry’s traditional wappupiknik is coming again!


You’ll get to enjoy the picnic and yard games on the 28th of april from 15 to 19. The event is held in Liisanpuisto, Kaleva. There you are able to enjoy the piknik, Wappu treats and yard games with great company! So put your overalls on, take some playing cards with you and come have some fun with us! 🥳 Also @tehy and @celsius with us at the picnic!😍

What? – PIRATE ry’s Wappupiknik
When? – 28.4.2023 from 15 to 19
Where? – Liisanpuisto, Kaleva

Together against harassment

Tamko has become aware of increasing harassment incidents in our university community.

We want to emphasise the following:

PIRATE don’t tolerate any kind of physical or mental harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other kind of insulting behaviour in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ community in person or online.

Everyone has the right to a harassment free, safe and equal studying environment and student life. Everyone, including bystanders, has a responsibility to intervene to such behaviour when they witness or discover it. More about prevention and addressing of inappropriate conduct from student’s handbook.

If you experience harassment, we have our own harassment contact, who you can talk to. Mila ( ) and Riku ( )

April office hours

Our office is open on Wednesday 12.4. from 11 to 14 and on Monday 24.4. from 11 to 14.
You can come collect ordered overalls and nametags, pick up already bought PIRATE products or come ask us anything! Our office address is Kuntokatu 3, L builgind.

See you at the office!