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Blood Group

We have set up a blood group called PIRATE ry. We want to encourage our members to donate blood at a low threshold. PIRATE will periodically thank all those who have donated in the name of our BloodGroup.

The need for blood is huge every day and new blood donors are always needed. By donating blood you can help those in need and even save lives. A blood donation involves the collection of about half a litre of blood, which is no more than 10% of the total blood volume of an adult body. One donation can help up to three patients.

Information about blood donation:

The nearest blood donation point in the Tampere is Koskikeskus.

Before your first blood donation or after a longer blood donation break, test if you are a suitable donor.

Book a blood donation appointment

Complete the health questionnaire the day before or on the day of your donation.

When you go for a blood donation, all you need is an official photo ID and 0.5 to 1 hour.

Be sure to mention the name of our blood group (PIRATE ry) at every donation.

As a thank you for a job well done, you will receive a snack and a overall patch.

You can also visit the Stem Cell Registry and Biobank on the Blood Service website. If you are interested in joining, please remember to mention this to your nurse when you donate blood.

Find out more about blood donation.