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Educational affairs

Answer the survey and win


PIRATE and Pirha have collaborated to address the lack of internship placements and brainstormed ways to increase the number of available positions.

In the peripheral areas of Pirkanmaa, there are often unclaimed spots. We have been considering ways to increase the attractiveness of these opportunities, and now we would like to conduct a small survey to prepare for our upcoming meeting.

Please take a moment to respond to the survery and leave your tuni email address. By doing so, you’ll also participate in the overall patch gift card lottery. The voucher will be randomly awarded among those who participate in the survey, and the winner will be notified personally.

Survey has ended and the winner has been notified!


The Student Mental Health Week will be celebrated again from April 8th to 14th. Nyyti ry, an organization dedicated to student mental health work, will be organizing free events and webinars throughout the week related to mental health and surrounding topics. More information about the events can be found on the Nyyti ry website or through this link!

Webinars and Other Events – Nyyti ry

Participate in the feedback discussions for your own degree! During the feedback discussions, we will be discussing last year’s feedback with teachers and staff and considering actions for development. For more information, please visit Intra or follow this link!

Results of TAMK’s Annual Student Feedback Surveys now available (

The Academic Blood Donating World Championship is still underway! It’s ongoing until April 30th. Go donate blood at any Veripalvelu point and let them know you’re participating in the Academic Donating Championship as part of the PIRATE team. There’s also a fun overall patch available for participants! For more information, visit the TARAKI website.

Educational affairs´announcements

In October-November, feedback was requested from new students and annual feedback. Based on these, TAMK will begin the annual programme specific feedback discussions. These discussions involve students and staff discussing the feedback from 2023 and considering measures for educational development. You can find the schedule for the feedback discussions in the social and health care field on the intra! Join us in developing your own degree program <3

If you started your first higher education degree in the spring semester of 2024, please respond to the HealthStart (TerveysStartti) survey on the Self online service. After responding, you will receive feedback on your health status and possible guidance to YTHS services.

Also, remember to pay the YTHS fee by March 15th!

Educational affairs’ announcements

PIRATE ry’s Kopokahvit

It’s time to respond to the student feedback collected by TAMK! Student feedback will be collected from 24th October to 10th November from first, second and third year students and from YAMK students who started last spring. You can find the feedback survey from your tuni email! Responding to student feedback is also in your interest. PIRATE ry’s semester coffees are used to meet TAMK staff, such as study counselors and degree supervisors. We go through the issues raised in cooperation forums and student feedback.


At the cooperation forums we discussed a few important themes. One specially important subject was bullying at school and disrupting classes. We would like to remind students that bullying does not belong to any age group. We would like everyone to intervene in bullying if they notice it. Every student deserves to be seen and respected, and everyone should have the peace to learn. If you experience or notice bullying, you can also contact us:

  • The entire board:
  • Educational affairs:
  • Social affairs:
  • Harassment contact persons:

Also a corner of our website where you can contact us anonymously:

Educational affairs’ announcements

Thoughts on Sairaanhoitajapäivät

Does the situation always need to be critical before the patient’s feelings are taken into account and discussed?

I participated for Sairaanhoitajapäivät on Friday 22.9. at the exhibition center in Helsinki. I attended a couple of lectures, and I would like to share a few things that piqued my intrest.

 The “Why does a nurse need emotional intelligence skills” lecture opened emotional intelligence skills as a concept, as well as how everyone could use and develop them.

  • Emotional intelligence skills play a big role in nurse’s ability to cope.
  • People have needs behind their feelings. Everyone has a need to be met, seen, understood and heard.
  • There are usually several feelings at the same time. The patient may appear angry, but the feeling behind the anger could also be fear. It is important to recognize the primary feeling so that it is seen and the patient feels understood. Understanding the situation is necessary to recognize the feeling.
  • Learn to process and let go of difficult emotions before the next patient encounter. Words can often be forgotten, emotional states are remembered. You have to go through your feelings at some point.
  • Strengthening emotional skills requires courage and exposing yourself to difficult emotions.
  • High-quality treatment and patient encounters require an emotional encounter. The patient brings ignored feelings to the next healthcare appointment.
Sopo and Kopo

PIRATE ry’s social affairs and educational affairs representatives will answer you if you have questions about the training or its quality, or if you want to report inappropriate treatment. tai 

You can also contact the board anonymously in our purnausnurkka: 

Educational affairs’ announcements


PIRATE ry was innovating with TAMK’s and Pirha’s employees new ways to do practical training, since there are plenty of students but not so many open spots in Jobiili. In HUS there are unit M12 that treat vascular surgery patients. HUS opened an unit called ”oppimisyksikkö”, ”learning unit” where are 5 students in morning and in evening shifts, and 1-2 students in night shifts. There are also 2-3 employees in morning and in evening shifts and 1 employee in night shifts that supervises students.  

The idea behing this learning unit was to add more practical training spots for students. In practise this would help students with teamwork skills and decision-making skills.  Together with employees of TAMK and Pirha as well as student representatives we pondered how this would work in Pirha. We also took international students into account, and how much the learning model would benefit them as well. Right now this learning unit-concept is just in consideration. 

Sopo and kopo 

PIRATE ry’s social affairs and educational affairs representatives will answer you if you have questions about the training or its quality, or if you want to report inappropriate treatment. tai 

You can also contact the board anonymously in our purnausnurkka: