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Do you have any questions about student organisations or your studies? Do you want to give feedback on the activities of your subject organisation or your studies? If you’re wondering whether you should be contacted, you should – there are no stupid questions!

Reasons to be in contact:

  • Questions related to the activities of the organisation and meetings → chairman, vice-chairman, secretary
  • Matters relating to overalls, name badges and workwear → Member services
  • Matters relating to membership and products for sale → Member services
  • Issues relating to training, its quality or inappropriate treatment → training policy
  • Events → entertainment, cultural and leisure activities, PISTOT
  • Issues related to excursions, stakeholders and associations → external relations
  • Website, social media content and communication → marketing
  • Issues related to tutoring, mentoring and support for new students → tutoring and mentoring
  • Finance, invoicing and auditing → Finance
  • General matters, greetings, other → whole board

Can’t find the right address for your case? – No worries! In this case, the safest thing to do is to send a message to the whole board and the person responsible will be in touch with you. We will also direct messages within the board to the right address.

You can send an email to the entire PIRATE Board or to some of its members. Contact details of all board members can be found here.

You can also connect through social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook. Messages posted through these are readable by all board members.

You can also use the form below to send us a message, either anonymously or by name. Feedback given via this form will be sent to all PIRATE board members.

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