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Educational affairs’ announcements

PIRATE ry’s Kopokahvit

It’s time to respond to the student feedback collected by TAMK! Student feedback will be collected from 24th October to 10th November from first, second and third year students and from YAMK students who started last spring. You can find the feedback survey from your tuni email! Responding to student feedback is also in your interest. PIRATE ry’s semester coffees are used to meet TAMK staff, such as study counselors and degree supervisors. We go through the issues raised in cooperation forums and student feedback.


At the cooperation forums we discussed a few important themes. One specially important subject was bullying at school and disrupting classes. We would like to remind students that bullying does not belong to any age group. We would like everyone to intervene in bullying if they notice it. Every student deserves to be seen and respected, and everyone should have the peace to learn. If you experience or notice bullying, you can also contact us:

  • The entire board:
  • Educational affairs:
  • Social affairs:
  • Harassment contact persons:

Also a corner of our website where you can contact us anonymously: