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The Student Mental Health Week will be celebrated again from April 8th to 14th. Nyyti ry, an organization dedicated to student mental health work, will be organizing free events and webinars throughout the week related to mental health and surrounding topics. More information about the events can be found on the Nyyti ry website or through this link!

Webinars and Other Events – Nyyti ry

Participate in the feedback discussions for your own degree! During the feedback discussions, we will be discussing last year’s feedback with teachers and staff and considering actions for development. For more information, please visit Intra or follow this link!

Results of TAMK’s Annual Student Feedback Surveys now available (

The Academic Blood Donating World Championship is still underway! It’s ongoing until April 30th. Go donate blood at any Veripalvelu point and let them know you’re participating in the Academic Donating Championship as part of the PIRATE team. There’s also a fun overall patch available for participants! For more information, visit the TARAKI website.