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Congratulations! – Welcome to study at TAMK!

Out of thousands of applicants, you have been selected to study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. As a student in the field of welfare and health, your subject organisation is PIRATE ry – you can find out more about our activities here on our website!

This website contains a wealth of information for new students on topics such as workwear, name badges, student overalls and jumpsuits.

During your first few weeks of study, you will be assisted by student tutors and mentors who will provide you with information about starting school, some of which we have already listed here:

It’s a good idea to start looking for rented accommodation early. In the Tampere region, you can find affordable student accommodation from TOAS and Pirkan student apartments.

For longer distances in the Tampere area, a bus is a comfortable and easy way to get around. So it’s worth visiting the TKL website and checking out the various tickets, as well as the places where bus cards can be loaded and sold.

You can order a student card conveniently from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences Student Union website.

The Student Tampere website offers lots of useful information about Finland’s most student-friendly city, including a list of student discounts and benefits!