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Regular sport shifts continue

We have super good news for you! 

PIRATE ry has regular sport shifts on Wednesdays. The shift is free for SportUni members, otherwise it costs 7€/shift. As a PIRATE member you are very welcome to join these events and you don’t have to have experience from any sports.🩷

The events are open in where you can sign up weekly! 

The first shift of the spring is Wednesday 10.1.2024 and we are playing volleyball.🏐 You can sign up in on Monday 8.1.2024.

📆 On Wednesdays 

⏰ At 19-20 

📍 TAMK SportUni, Kauppi (Tekunkatu 5 L-rakennus) 

🎟 Free for SportUni members OR 7€/shift! You can sign in to our sport shift in! 

⚽ Wishes for sport activities will be heard! 

👟 Bring gym shoes and a waterbottle with you! 

All of PIRATE’s events and operation is harassment free. This means that we don’t accept harassment in any form. 

See you on Wednesdays!😍