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Scholarship applications

Congratulations to all graduates on behalf of PIRATE! 🥳

Have you been successful in your studies, actively participated in tutoring, mentoring, or student organization activities, or perhaps contributed to fostering a sense of community among health students?
Or do you know someone who has done so? Now you can apply for a PIRATE scholarship for yourself and/or your friend! 💗

Scholarships are available for full members graduating from TAMK’s health sector in spring 2024.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept significantly delayed scholarship applications, so please apply during your graduation period or, if you graduate in the middle of the semester, you can apply in the next round.

Please provide comprehensive reasons why you/he/she deserves to receive the scholarship.
Scholarship recipients will be contacted personally approximately two months after the application deadline if the scholarship is granted to them.
The application is intended for those graduating in the spring semester of 2024. The deadline for applications is May 10th.
The link to the application form: