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Membership and member benefits

You can join PIRATE on the, in our office, at our stands or for example at overall fittings. Our office is located at Kuntokatu 3, L-building, Tamko Solu.

Membership (starting students)
20 € – Membership for the whole duration of your studies
Supporting membership
10 € – Membership valid for one (1) year from the date of joining.

What do I get from membership?

As a PIRATE member, you can buy overalls at a lower price, as well as get discounts on overalls, products and most PIRATE events. PIRATE organises a range of leisure activities for its members, including all our events. Advocacy for education and training is also one of the member benefits. The membership benefit pays for itself quickly!

Member benefits for full members

Students studying in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ degree programmes in the field of Health can become full members of the Student Association. The membership is valid without additional fee as long as you study the degree for which you bought the membership, even if your studies are delayed. Just inform the current board of the association in time if you wish to extend your membership.

  • overalls, overall patches and products at lower prices
  • the right to stand for election and vote at board meetings
  • discounts on almost all tickets for events organised by the association
  • the right to buy tickets for members only, such as for excursions
  • free events for members, such as cultural and sporting events
  • lobbying, education policy and social policy
  • scholarships for our graduating members
  • discounts through our partners
Member benefits for sustaining members

Supporting membership is open to individuals and legal entities who wish to support the activities of the Students’ Union.

  • the right to attend meetings of the association
  • tickets at the price of a sustaining member
  • events for members
  • jumpsuit brands and products at a reduced price