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Nametags and workwear


During the first weeks of school, compulsory name pins will be ordered. You can easily order them through PIRATE. The required workwear is available through our partner. Workwear fittings will take place during the first weeks of school, and the clothing can then be ordered from our partner.

Use of the nametag is required for work placements and practical training at school. As an affordable alternative, you can easily order your name pin through PIRATE. Nimineula orders are placed twice a year (spring and autumn) during orientation weeks. If you lose or break your name pin, you can order a new one from Kylttimax or Kilpikaivertamo Laar, for example. When ordering, please remember to mention that you are studying at TAMK. Alternatively, you can wait and order PIRATE in the next joint order.

Workwear is compulsory in the school’s practical training (orha) classes, where its use is mainly concentrated. Work clothes must be care clothes, but you can buy them wherever you like. It is preferable to buy workwear used by health students from online flea markets, for example. We work with workwear companies, which means we often have workwear demonstrations and a discount code for orientation weeks.

Many internships provide their own workwear for the duration of the internship, which means that workwear ordered by you is not suitable for use in these internships. In addition, PIRATE Association and its partners organise, where possible, work shoe demonstrations where you can order work shoes to suit you.


If you have any questions about needles and workwear, you can contact PIRATE’s member service officers at