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Overalls and overall patches


The colour of all TAMK’s student overalls for students in the field of health and wellbeing is fuchsia pink.

The student overalls are most commonly worn at various student events and in many leisure activities. As a rule, students in higher education tie their overalls at the hips. A belt is a useful aid for tying the overalls.

From 2017 onwards, the colour of the thigh pockets of PIRATE overalls will be determined by the degree, with fuchsia as the base colour.

Overalls pocket colours – What are the specific colours for overalls pockets?

  • Nurse: fuchsia
  • Public health nurse: white
  • Paramedic: red
  • Midwife: purple
  • Bioanalyst: burgundy
  • Physiotherapist: blue
  • Radiographer: yellow
  • Nursing: fuchsia

Buying – Where can I buy student overalls?

Overalls can only be purchased on the PIRATE website. We order overalls in autumn and spring for students starting their studies. For information on overall orders and fittings, please contact your tutors and check our social media channels! As a member, you will receive the overalls at a special member price. Please note that ordering overalls takes time, so please avoid unnecessary inquiries about the arrival of the overalls – we will let you know when they have arrived! You must collect your jumpsuits at a generally agreed time, no later than half term, before we sell any uncollected jumpsuits as surplus. So, from time to time, our office will also have surplus jumpsuits for sale, which you can enquire about from Member Services either by email or by contacting us via social media.

Price – How much do overalls cost?

  • Member price: 37 €
  • Non-member price: 65 €

Labels – What labels should I know?

  • Overalls are not washable, but you can clean them by going swimming in them, for example.
  • The overalls are sewn by the wearer, more about that in a moment.
  • In general, students do not put on the top of their overalls, except for example when going swimming or bungee jumping or if there are marks on the top of the overalls. You can wear your jumpsuit however you like!
  • You can decorate your jumpsuit as you wish, with beads, event passes, drink accessories, leis, etc. The only limit is your creativity.
  • When wearing your jumpsuit, you must remember to behave yourself, as you are representing your university and the field you are studying – and of course, have fun!
  • Fuchsia is the best student jumpsuit colour!

Overall patches

Overall patches are decorations for student overalls. You can have them at various events, but you can also buy them online and from various student organisations and clubs. PIRATE jumpsuit patches are available for purchase on the PIRATE website. According to tradition, jumpsuit patches should be sewn by hand and not glued, ironed or sewn on a sewing machine. In addition to the jumpsuit patches , you can decorate the jumpsuits as you wish.

Overalls patches – Where can I get overalls patches ?
You can earn, get, buy, find or exchange stamps, for example:

  • Student events (often included in the price of the event ticket)
  • From subject associations, clubs and student unions (on-site or online)
  • From organisations (Tehy, Nurses’ Association, Blood Service)
  • Businesses and chain stores (shops, restaurants, bars)
  • Online shops
  • Online flea markets/sales portals
  • By finding
  • By making/doing it yourself

Sewing – What do I need for sewing?
For sewing jumpsuit patches, you will need at least a needle, thread and scissors. Other supplies will make sewing easier, so get them as you need them.

  • Yarn (black and white bear thread recommended, otherwise double up with regular sewing thread)
  • Needle (sharp, possibly different sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Pins (to hold the overalls in place during sewing)
  • Pincushion
  • Needle threader (e.g. blunt pliers or similar, for passing needle through thick marks)
  • Embroidery frame, used e.g. for cross stitching, to help keep the coverall fabric straight
  • Storage box
  • Patience – Practice makes perfect!

Labels – What labels should I know?

  • Overalls are sewn by hand, not by sewing machine, ironing or gluing
  • Overalls are sewn by the wearer, not by anyone else
  • Overalls are not sewn on sponsors unless the sleeves of the overalls are otherwise full or the overalls are sponsored by the sponsor himself.
  • Generally, labels are sewn on the legs first, then on the top and sleeves until there is no more room in the legs

Tips – What are some tips on overalls and how to sew them?

  • Remove any protective film or fabric on the back of the patches to make the label thinner, easier to sew and more flexible in the overalls.
  • Tie a good knot in the thread, for example between the overall patch and the overall fabric, to prevent the stitch from unravelling
  • Sew the markings well at the same time to avoid loose and lost markings
  • Sew the jumpsuit label from the outside of the edge towards the centre, going around the edges to prevent the edge from tearing and catching on anything. This way, your mark will stick better than marks sewn along the edge from the top to the bottom.
  • There are different types of overalls: embroidered, printed, sewn into shape, etc.


If you have any questions about student overalls, please contact the PIRATE member service officers at For questions about overall patches, please contact