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Student dictionary


The students’ association of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The association promotes the general and common interests of its members. Organises events and procures, among other things, student overalls.

BioKe & Biceps

Health clubs. BioKe – a club for bioanalysis students and Biceps – a club for physiotherapy students.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences student union. It takes care of students’ rights and interests, organises events and is responsible for tutoring.


A student lounge in the L-building, where you can get free coffee, among other things. The cell houses the offices of Tamko and some student organisations, such as PIRATE. There is also a sauna and meeting room for hire.

Tursas / Fuksi

A first-year university student.


An important student guide and support at the beginning of your studies and throughout your first year.

Student number

A personal set of numbers used to identify yourself during your studies. You will receive your number at the latest in the orientation week.


1 credit, equivalent to approximately 27 hours of study.


Orientation training, i.e. practical skills training in school, which is included in many courses.

Contamination / Sits / PISTOT

See events page.

PISTOT / Triangles / overall parties

Monthly student parties.


An event where you tour the bars, with the aim of completing a degree. In Tampere, Hämeenkadun Approt is organised.