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Educational affairs’ announcements

PIRATE ry’s coffee meeting

PIRATE ry organized coffee meeting with TAMK’s degree supervisors and study counselors from different heath degree programs. The following themes came up in our discussion:

  • Collegiality and supporting it during studies
  • Sufficient internship places for students
  • Student quidance
    • Investing in guidance competence, so that graduating students have the ability to guide other students in their future careers.
  • Ideated study visits to Pirha’s units
  • We discussed school bullying and harassment during the lessons, as well as how to better address it.

Educational affairs 2023

  • PIRATE ry has participated in the development of the new curriculum
  • Together with student representatives, the school and Pirha’s staff, we have innovated new ways to implement guided internships
  • PIRATE ry has contacted the regional director and the director of social and health services of the Pirha regarding practical training. We will have a meeting with representatives from Pirha in December 2023. In our contact, we expressed concern about the adequacy of practical training spots, as the number of students left without an practical training spots is increasing. The purpose of the meeting would be to collectively brainstorm solutions.

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