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PIRATE ry´s scholarship application

Once again, it´s time to hand out scholarships and congratulate you on graduation! 

Have you been successful in your studies, participated actively in tutoring or student association activities or maybe increased the team spirit of the healthcare students? Or do you know someone whos done so? 

Now you can apply for PIRATEs scholarship for yourself and/or your friend!  

All spring 2023 graduates who are PIRATEs actual members and have paid the membership on your graduation time or if you graduate in the middle of the semester, you can apply on the next application period.

Unfortunately, we do not accept scholarship applications that are significantly overdue. 
Please explain in detail why you/they deserve the scholarship. 

Well be in touch with the scholarship recipients within two months after the application period if the scholarship typo is granted.  
Applying is meant to 2023 spring semester graduates. 

Application period is until 14.5.2023.

Link to the application form.