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PIRATE ry’s glögi event

Welcome to PIRATE’s Glögi event! 

This is to thank you for the past year to our partners, teachers and members! 😍 We offer christmas treats like gingerbread and a chill atmosphere to relax in in the middle of a busy school day.

The event is held on 29.11.2023 at 12-16 in Solu downstairs (Kuntokatu 3, L-building)

PIRATE ry’s BloodGroup hangout

PIRATE ry wants to organize a casual hangout and thank everyone who has donated blood under PIRATE ry’s BloodGroup. You are welcomed to come and play boardgames and get to know to new people. PIRATE offers some snacks during the evening. You can also join the evening if you haven’t donated blood and want to hangout in a great company.

WHEN? Tuesday 14th of November at 17:30-21:00. Registration at Kide.App!

WHERE? Parvi B5-26, TAMK

WHO CAN ATTEND? PIRATE’s members. You can also bring a friend!


All the PIRATEs events are free of harrassment. If you notice harrassment, feel pressured or other inappropriate behavior, you should contact PIRATEs harrassment contact persons hairinta.riku(at) & hairinta.mila(at) or Tamko’s harrasment contact persons hairintayhdyshenkilot(at)

Pirate and tare mocktail workshop

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Does the gloomy autumn feel depressing?

What could be a better way to start a new week than by sipping mocktails?
Mocktail Workshop is here again! TARE ry and PIRATE ry will take part of Tamko’s and TREY’s Well-being Week by hosting a Mocktail Workshop on 6.11. at 16:00-19:00. During the workshop you get to bring your inner drink master to life! Come alone or with friends to test how preparing delicious mocktails goes!

Step to the TAMK Catering Studio as beverage noob and leave as royalty of juice disco! The event costs 3,00€

WHAT: Mocktail workshop

WHERE: At TAMK Catering Studio

WHEN: 6.11. at 16-19

HOW MUCH: 3€/ Student

TICKETS: Tuesday at 10 a.m.

PIRATE ry extra meeting

🍁 Tampere University of Applied Sciences healthcare students – PIRATE ry’s extra meeting

🍂 7.11.2023 at 16:30 TAMK D1-02 Auditorium

🍁 At the extra meeting the rules are discussed and confirmed

🍂 All PIRATE ry’s members are welcome to the meeting and every actual member who have paid the membership fee have right to vote. Supporting and honorary members have the right of attendance and speech at the meeting. The right of attendance and speech may also be granted upon request to stakeholder representatives/observers

Office day

The next office day is held on Monday 23.10. from 11 to 14.✨

So come to get your products you have ordered from PIRATE, buy overall badges or just come to say hello! The office day is held at our office, the address is Kuntokatu 3, L-building.

If you can’t come, your friend can pick up your products. If so, you have to send your products to your friends See you on Monday!🩷

The sweatshirts ordered this autumn have not arrived yet.


PIRATE’s overalls are here! So come and get yours, you can pick them up at the times below:

On Wednesday 11.10. from 10 to 16, from the front of the foyer
On Thursday 12.10. from 10 to 16, from the front of the foyer

On Wednesday 11.10. you can also pick up your overall badges, tote bags and other PIRATE’s products. When coming to pick up your products, open your and search your product already! The name tags can be picked up on both days. The sweatshirts have not arrived yet.

NOTE‼️ If you can’t come on any of these days, your friend can pick up your products. If so, you have to send your products to your friends After these days all products can be picked up at the next office hours. We will inform about them on our social medias and on our website. The next office hours will be held after the fall vacation.

See you soon!

Active members

Do you want to be a part of our energetic activity? Have you longed for more communal activities in your student life? We have a solution for you! PIRATE ry´s active members group.

Active members group is a low threshold activity, with no bigger responsibilities. You get to help PIRATE ry´s board in events and orientation weeks for example. We also sometimes just need a few extra pairs of hands. Being an active member doesn´t mean you have to be available at all times, you can come help us when it best fits your schedule. But we do expect our active members to be a part of our activities and we reward active members with event tickets and overall patches to give a few examples. Active members group is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. You also get to “peek behind the curtain” of what it´s like to be a part of PIRATE ry´s board.

Active members group season starts in January 2023 and ends in May 2023. Active members will get an orientation before the season (preferably in December).

The application period is from 9.10. to 18.10.2023. Interviews will be conducted also during the application period. We will contact you about the selections via email in November.

Filling out the application form doesn´t take much time!

Suuri SoteSeikkailu

Off to Tampere!

The annual Suuri SoteSeikkailu is back! This time we are headed towards the greatest city for students, Tampere! So get your overalls and let’s go!

SuuriSoteSeikkailu is an appro -type event in which we visit different restaurants and bars to collect stamps. When your pass has 10 stamps, you can turn it in at the finish line to get your diploma! A.K.A the overall badge!

By filling out the whole pass you also participate in a raffle on afterparty to win a bucket full of @kaalimatocom prizes!

This year the finishline and afterparty venue is Viihdemaailma Ilona, Verkatehtaankatu 3. You can enter after 21.30 by showing your appro-pass.

Remember to yank some weatherproof clothes and gear from home because the afterparty will be crazy! The artist will be announced later! Can you guess who?

The event starts from TAMK in the lobby on the side of Teiskontie at 15.30. The group start-offs have been set gradually in order to avoid overcrowding. The last group start-off is at 18.30. At 22.30 The appro event itself ends and the afterparty starts.

Tickets will be on sale on 19.10. at 13.00 in For a member of the organizing student organization or Tehy-member 8 € For other people 14 € Memberships will be checked.

Follow us on instagram at @suurisoteseikkailu so you’ll stay on top of the game and see all the important updates!

What: Suuri SoteSeikkailu

Where: In Tampere

When: 16.11. at 15.30-22.30, continuing at the Viihdemaailma Ilona at 21.30-closing!

How much: For a member of the organizing student organization or Tehy-member 8 € For other people 14 € Memberships will be checked.

Why: To get to know other social welfare and health care students and experience the appro vibe in Tampere!

PIRATE ry goes hämeenkadun appro

Legendary student event Hämeenkatu Appro in Tampere comes once again on October 12, 2023!

As a PIRATE ry member you are allowed to buy ticket to Hämeenkadun Appro and the afterparties to either Nokia Arena or Ranta&Poro!

Gettomasa will perform at Nokia Arena and Teflon Brothers at Ranta&Poro!

During Hämeenkatu Appro, the participants are supposed to visit predetermined bars, restaurants, and other venues in the city center of Tampere and collect stamps in their appro passes. After collecting the required number of stamps, participants earn a degree corresponding to the number of stamps collected in your pass. The evening will crowned by unforgettable afterparties and amazing artists!

The ticket sales will start on 13.9.2023 at 13 on The price of the ticket is 26€ + 0,50€’s service charge. These tickets are only for members of PIRATE ry (we will check the membership)! Only two tickets per person. There are two kind of tickets; tickets with an afterparty in Ranta&Poro and tickets with an afterparty in Nokia Arena.

You can pick up your Ranta&Poro ticket bought from on 9.10.2023 at 12.30-15.00 from PIRATE ry’s office. When buying a ticket, make sure that you will be able to pick it up on this day, this is the only possibility to pick up the ticket!

Nokia Arena ticket purchasers will receive a link to an email that will allow them to redeem their tickets via the service.

You can find more information about the event on Hämeenkatu Appro’s official website.